Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank my wonderful loving Father, sister, brother, and "Air" who has been helping me with Moving! Payton and I lived alone for about a year, though it was quite lonely. With my parents "OK" I've decided to move back home not only for the help but for the wonderful company! Currently the house is a bit packed and I had to sleep on the couch until the basement got finished (a Room for Payton and I)... Well Its almost there! I no longer have to sleep on the couch and my bed has been amazing might I add... My father is so amazing and has been working day and night to get this task finished (on his birthday even!)... There are a few minor details that need to be finished but I think that everyone who has helped needs to be thanked! SO THANK YOU! Love you all!

(Pictures of the room will be posted soon)


Dana Green said...

I am excited that it is almost done. I hear Payton is having a hard time in her room. Good luck. I am sure she will get used to it soon. Maybe you should put her play pen in there or a big girl bed. I love you both!!!!!

gena said...

So cool! You have amazing parents! That will be fun for Payton to be with them more:)

Dana Green said...

Hey girl,

I am going through withdrawls. You should update your blog. Maybe add a new cute picture of Payton even though I just saw her. I just can't get enough of that little girl.

Love ya,